Bangkok Fun Run @ Lumphini Park April 27th 2013

We are organizing a fun run at Lumphini Park in Bangkok on Saturday 27th April 2013. We have both a 5km and 10km run with prizes for the top 3 in both races.lumphini park run bangkok

Entrance is 500 baht, or 400 baht as an early bird rate before April 8th. All participants get an awesome limited edition blue LAB shirt (see pics below).

Registration is 6:30am, warm up and prep at 6:50am and the race will kick off at 7:00am sharp.

With just over 3 weeks to go now’s the time to hit the training hard. Today I did my first run for a while, and it wasn’t too pretty!

the lab fun run shirts lumphiniGood luck, and see you on the 27th

Bangkok Personal Trainer – 6 tips to find the right personal trainer in Thailand

So, you’ve decided to hire a personal trainer in Bangkok to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Like lovers, friends and business partners, not everyone is compatible in life, so it’s important to find the right personal trainer that suits you if you want to progress and achieve your goals.

The standard of personal training in Bangkok’s health clubs and gyms is generally quite low. Many of these chain gyms charge extortionate money for underqualified and unmotivated ‘personal trainers’ who care more about selling you your next 50 sessions than a real desire to see you improve.

In one of Bangkok’s largest chain gyms (that shall remain unnamed!) I’ve seen PTs more interested in phone messages and checking themselves out in the mirror than monitoring the progress of their clients. However, there are also some great outfits in Bangkok providing a thorough, extensive service and new innovative techniques.

Personal trainers can be great if you’re struggling for motivation, you’ve hit a plateau and have stopped improving, you prefer training with someone or if you’re coming back from an injury and have specific training requirements.

So if you’re considering hiring a personal trainer in Bangkok I’ve drawn up a list of things to think about and consider:

1. Are they organized, attentive and honest?

In summary, do they have the character and attributes of someone you can work with – honesty in setting realistic goals and feedback about what you’re doing right and wrong; punctual and organized in planning and implementing your program to fit in with YOUR schedule; and attentive to your needs by offering their full commitment and attention to you?

2. Are they a good motivator?

Whatever your reasons for getting a personal trainer, you should be motivated and inspired by them. Do they have a drive and enthusiasm that will rub off on you? Are you motivated and inspired by their achievements and outlook on fitness/life?

3. Are they qualified?

Don’t be scared to ask them what qualifications and experience they have. Make sure their qualifications are from a respected, accredited body, such as a REPS Level 3 (UK) or NASM (USA). Ask about additional qualifications and if they’re first aid qualified.

4. Do they offer discounts for bulk sessions or group training?

Ask if any discounts are offered if you book, say, 10 sessions. Many people like to train with a friend so see if any discount is offered for this. Your trainer may offer a second friend free or a set rate for groups of friends.

5. Are they a good role model?

Ask yourself if this is someone who practices what they preach. If your PT trains hard, looks after themselves and has a positive and energetic approach to life and fitness then they will also have a positive impact on you.

6. Are they pushy?

I’ve heard of all sorts of high-pressure sales tactics in the fitness industry in Thailand. Put simply, if they seem more interested in pressuring you to purchase more training sessions than your progress then steer well clear. Sometimes only a few sessions is enough to set you on your way; sometimes people need more. Be especially wary if they push supplements or pills onto you – although dietary supplements sometimes have their place, you can reach your fitness goals from a balanced, normal diet.

There’s a few questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer in Bangkok to help you meet your goals. If you’d like to discuss your fitness goals or anything else in this article please feel free to contact me.

Good luck!