Men’s Health ‘Ask The Trainer’ Fitness Q&A Column

MH OctoberAn English translation for my monthly column in Men’s Health Thailand.

I sit in an office chair all day and it leaves my body aching and feeling tired. Can you suggest some ways to deal with this?

Our bodies were not designed to be sitting down for long periods of time. Unfortunately, today’s modern lifestyle means we are sitting down more than ever and this is causing common cases of what’s often referred to as Office Desk Syndrome. The first remedy I would suggest is to make movement more a part of your routine, every day. Try walking to work or getting off at an earlier station and taking the stairs instead of the lift – always take the more physical option if you can. Try and incorporate swimming, playing sports or walking in the park to wind down after work. This increased movement will loosen your joints and muscles and help to relax you. Secondly, make it a habit to stand up as often as possible, at least every hour, and work your joints through large ranges of motion, such as your hips, shoulder, neck, knees etc. Complete your new movement routine with dynamic and static stretching as often as possible, with perhaps some weekly yoga or massage to relax your mind and body. These steps will all help to relieve the stress, pain and tension in your body.
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