Bangkok-based Brit with strong foundations in the city’s fitness industry.

Enthusiast of kettlebells, beach running, climbing stairs and coffee.

Coach who loves helping people improve their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

Founder of BASE, Bangkok’s premier fitness facility for group class and personal training.

A regular contributor to:

Lifestyle+Asia espn_star_sport_175x115_390x256Bangkok Post

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  1. hi jack, great site. hope all goes well in your new vocation. i cannot think of anyone better to help people with there fitness and health requirements. a lot of people will benifit greatly with your help. good health to you jack…….steve.

  2. Hi Jack, really good description of your passion in this field.Thanks for all those training sessions while I was in Bangkok; the leg is all better now and I am working hard for that 4 minute mile. One can still dream!

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