Men’s Health Thailand Q&A September Issue

mens health thailand september issueAn English translation for my monthly column in Men’s Health Thailand.

I want to build muscle mass in my upper body. Can you give me some advice?

To achieve muscle growth in your back, chest, arms, shoulders and abs I recommend hitting big compound lifts through the upper and lower body. Compound means you are working more than one muscle group and joint, so you work many muscles with one movement. A good example of a compound lifting program would be Overhead Press, Bench Press and Tricep Dips on training day 1, and Pull Ups, Dumbbell Row and Upright Row on training day 2. Stick to 6-12 reps on each exercise and record your weights and increase as you become stronger. Finally, I recommend training your legs on each training day as well as IMG_3894[1]movements that use the whole body, such as squat thrusters or farmer’s walks. This will have your body releasing the right hormones for total body muscle growth and will give you the all-round muscular physique you desire.

If you have any questions you’d like answered in the column please contact me.

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Men’s Health Thailand Q&A August Issue

mens health coverFollowing on from my first Men’s Health Thailand Q&A, here is an English translation for my second column:

My nearest gym is miles away from my home and office, what home workout routines can you suggest?

men's health trainerYou don’t necessarily need to go to a gym to stay fit, strong and healthy. Let’s first look at the best piece of workout kit around – your body! Look at ways to use your body to push, pull, jump, lunge, squat and twist to provide resistance and test your body. You can do this anywhere such as a space in your house or garden. I would also recommend investing in some home workout kit such as dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands or suspension trainers. These will help to make your home workout more varied and interesting. If you prefer training outdoors, see if your local park has some bars or weights to use, or perhaps some hills to run up. If you’re a bit lost on workout ideas, check online resources for programs and routines. Lastly, give your home workout the effort it deserves – some people find home training a less motivating environment than a gym, so make sure you approach your new home workout with enthusiasm and commitment to succeed.
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Men’s Health Thailand ‘Ask the Trainer’ Column

IMG_2817[1]I was pleased to contribute to this month’s edition of Men’s Health Thailand with a health and fitness Q&A. Regular readers of my site will know that I don’t often subscribe to many of the ideas pushed by the mainstream media, but I see this as a great opportunity to get out some positive messages in a respected magazine to a wide audience

Men’s Health Thailand is all in Thai, so here’s the original Q&A in English:

I travel frequently for work and although I want to stay fit and strong, I don’t have time to train. What would you suggest?

It’s a common misconception that you need to spend hours slaving away in the gym to get results. Some of my most effective workouts are 20 minutes long and I rarely train for more than 45 minutes.  However, the key to effective short workouts is intensity. No more lazing around chatting to your friends or checking your phone – you must give it everything you have for the short time you’re there.

I would first recommend 30 seconds of an exercise you can hit at ‘sprinting’ pace such as rowing, running on the spot, mountain climbers or fast press ups, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 10-15 times at an intensity that pushes you hard. Over time, adjust the intensity and the work to rest ratio, and slowly build up to 20-30 minutes.

This type of training will leave you feeling energized and gets solid results. If you cannot carve out 10-20 minutes from your schedule I would suggest prioritizing your health over less important things that are taking up your time and perhaps look at your time management.

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