1-to-1 Personal Training

There is a lot of information on this site to set you off on the right course to fitness and health. If you would like further help then I offer 1-to-1 personal training for people who want an approach that’s focused solely towards your individual needs, requirements and goals. As well as designing a specific and tailored program for you, I will provide the motivation, support and advice needed for you to succeed.

As well as guidance on your program and motivation I also offer advice on diet and nutrition, which plays an essential role in your development and progress.

If you are travelling frequently I can give you a program to do while you’re away, and I can also coach you on the fundamentals of exercise so you can exercise on your own.

For more information on personal training in Bangkok check out BASE, or view our personal training packages.

If you’d like to discuss your goals or for a free consultation, assessment and trial session, please contact me.

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