8 Facebook Fitness Pages You Should ‘Like’

Companies pay huge sums of money to marketing companies and Facebook to build up their number of ‘likes’. However, very few of these pages actually offer anything other than the opportunity to be spammed at.

Facebook’s business model is largely built on people ‘liking’ companies’ profiles and then becoming a marketing puppet for them. This is what Facebook’s (huge) value is based on.

However, if I’m going to like something on Facebook, I want something in return. I’m greedy like that.

So today I’m suggesting you streamline your Facebook experience by recommending you ‘unlike’ Nike and Gatorade, and like these informative fitness based pages instead.

Most of the pages are offering something for sale somewhere, but they give a lot back in return.

Just Eat Real Food

When it comes to diet and nutrition, we could gain a lot by living the JERF (Just Eat Real Food) way.

Brad Pilon

Brad is at the forefront of Intermittent Fasting (IF) and his book Eat Stop Eat has played a big part in the current IF explosion of interest. He often status updates his general musings on nutrition and training, and I highly respect and value his opinions and thoughts.

Yo Elliot

Elliot Hulse believes you should strive to become ‘the strongest version of yourself’. If you’re going to live your life by a saying, I think this is a pretty good one. He posts videos on youtube pretty much daily on strengthening yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Some of his vids have got a bit random recently, but that’s all part of the fun.

Chef Buff

Like Elliot, Omar offers regular youtube videos on all things fitness. His videos are well presented and to the point, and offer a wealth of solid information.

Jason Ferrugia

Jason is at the peak of strength and conditioning coaching. His articles are no-bullshit, say-it-as-it-is.

Elite Strength and Conditioning

I can’t quite work out whether I find this guy annoying or not. His tongue-in-cheek approach might not be for everyone, but the information he offers is solid and kind of funny/annoying. Regular videos are posted on exercise (good) and life (random).

The Sam Effect

Sam’s site isn’t very active at the moment, but I feel I had to include this one as I think the articles are incredibly informative and inspiring. Have a trawl through the archives if you want to learn something about diet, training and positive living.

Bangkok Fitness

Finally, you should of course like our page! You’ll be informed of new articles on health and fitness in Bangkok as well as general fitness articles, like this one. The page will be more active in the new year along with a relaunch of the site.

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