Intermittent Fasting

UPDATE: The BBC documentary has now been uploaded to YouTube. I reckon you owe it to yourself to check it out here

When I bring up the topic of intermittent fasting with friends or clients, people usually look at me like I’m criminally insane. In a nutshell, intermittent fasting is practicing controlled periods of zero- or low-calorie food and drink intake. I go into it in more detail in my post on intermittent fasting. There is still a negative stigma attached to the idea of fasting, so it was refreshing to log onto the BBC this morning and see an article and accompanying TV documentary about the various health and weight loss/maintenance benefits that IF (Intermittent Fasting’s abbreviation) brings.

It’s refreshing to see one of the world’s most trusted news organisations featuring something like this and hopefully it will help people to take the idea more seriously and try something new when it comes to their diet and health.

You can find the BBC article here.

My post on intermittent fasting.

Or watch the program, tonight on BBC 2 at 9.00pm BST

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