Bangkok Sports Directory @ Bangkok Fitness Blog

I’ve added a directory of everything I could find that’s sports related in Bangkok. The kind of places you’ll find are:

  • Parks
  • Gyms and Health Clubs
  • Yoga and Pilates Studios
  • Health Stores / Supplements / Equipment
  • Sports Shops
  • Things to do (activities, adventure sports etc)

You can access this directory by clicking on the ‘Bangkok Sports Directory’ tag at the top, or by clicking here.

I will add any cool new places I stumble across, or please let me know if you there’s anywhere not included that people should know about.

1 thought on “Bangkok Sports Directory @ Bangkok Fitness Blog

  1. Hi, I can’t seem to find your directory. Seems like the URL is not working. Anyways I was wondering the different crossfit and interval training fitness center there are in Thailand. I have been using one, which is great but will be moving out of Bangkok soon because of work.


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